Guidelines for getting the most from your evaporative cooler

If you want the most effective cooling, you'll need to change the way you use evaporative coolers because they work differently than conventional air conditioning units. For the coolest, coziest air imaginable, try these suggestions:

  • Open the windows

Evaporative coolers require a constant supply of cool air, unlike conventional air conditioners, which require you to try to keep your home tightly sealed to keep cool air inside. Hot, dry air can be drawn into the air conditioner through an open window near the intake fan to evaporate quickly. To keep your home from feeling too humid, open windows also allow the moist airflow produced by the cooler to escape.

  • Renew the water supply

To prevent mold and mildew in humid areas, empty and clean the reservoir if you will not be using your cooler for an extended period of time. This will keep it working properly and keep the air in your home clean.

  • The correct refrigerator capacity

Before buying the cooler, check the recommended square footage and measure the room to determine the right size. If the square footage is too large, you may need more than one; conversely, directing the fan to where you are sitting may be enough to achieve a comfortable temperature drop.

  • Omit ice

The evaporation process is slowed down by adding ice to the water, which can make it less cold unless it is made with an ice pack as a reservoir. Interestingly, adding ice will prevent it from working properly because the water needs to warm up a bit before evaporating.